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  Yiyuan (Shanghai) Environmental Group Co., Ltd, a scientific enterprise, is engaged in the R & D and commercialization of water-conservation and emission-reduction products.

  Our “YYTOILET” toilets, based on our independent R & D and constant upgrading over the past 19 years, have earned us many independent intellectual property rights, such as “Multi-hole All-purpose Water-saving Toilets” and “Water-saving Toilets Utilizing both Tap Water and Intermediate Water”.

  Our “YYTOILET” toilets, designated products for the United Nations Pavilion, Life & Sunshine Pavilion and SAIC Pavilion of Expo 2010, have been conferred the titles of “Energy-reducing Products in Shanghai”, “Recommended Products for the Experiencing Center of Scientific Expo” and “Products Promoting Energy Reduction & Environmental Protection for Shanghai Finale of 2010 MISS EARTH Green Environmental Protection”.

  Yiyuan is a registered supplier on the portal website of the Procurement Center of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China (PCCG) and a corporate member of Shanghais Energy Conservation Association. In addition, it has been listed into the Shanghai Energy Efficiency Map.

  It will be our permanent responsibilities to save water and reduce sewage discharge in order to fulfill the harmonious coexistence between Man and water, and promote the health and safety of water resources on the Earth.

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